For new clients, payment will be required in advance of work commencing.

Monthly account terms will be considered for regular clients. 

Payment by cheque, bank transfer (BACS) or paypal.

All rates are exclusive of courier costs, postage, stationery, telephone calls, photocopying or any other disbursements and additional costs incurred will be charged to the client separately. The client will be notified in advance of such charges in excess of £5.00. 

Quotations are initially provided in writing and sent together with a Commencement Instruction Form via email. A signed, or emailed acceptance of our quotation and terms and conditions must be received by us before work can commence on your assignment. We reserve the right to amend our original quotation at any time should additional work be requested by the client.

Normal document preparation would consist of the supply of one top copy and one file copy, plus electronic backup, by email etc. Additional copies can be provided on request at extra cost.

All assignments undertaken by Kent Secretarial.co.uk are considered strictly confidential and therefore we confirm that no details will be revealed to any third party, unless this is deemed to be necessary by law. Client details will not be used in any testimonials, unless express permission has been given in advance.

Our confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed but we are happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement if requested.

Please note all original documents, disks, and CDs submitted to us will be returned to the client once the assignment is complete and payment is received. ( Unless secure shedding is requested at time of order.)


Final proof reading of all completed work is the responsibility of the client. In the unlikely event that errors should be found in our work, they will be rectified free of charge providing we have been notified within 7 days of receipt of the completed work.

Kent Secretarial.co.uk cannot be held liable for errors or omissions that appear in the client's final product in which the work is included.

Kent Secretarial.co.uk are not responsible for the end use of any document produced or edited by us. Clients are solely responsible for its appropriate use, including abiding by any copyright laws, plagiarism laws and publishing requirements, we will assume no responsibility for any plagiarised material supplied by a client and reserve the right to return the work should we become aware of such inappropriate use.  Kent Secretarial.co.uk reserve the right to refuse or immediately cancel any work requests or bookings subsequently found to be illegal, immoral or objectionable.

Details of all Kent Secretarial’s liability terms will be provided in full with the Commencement Instruction Form.