Are you overloaded with paperwork ?
Can’t see the way forward?
Your Business needs a Virtual Assistant


Are you in need of administrative support, is your time being eaten up by day-to-day admin, but cannot afford to take on another permanent member of staff? Or maybe the extra work is temporary or just required to cover a particular project?

Kent Secretarial offers a flexible service to time-starved professionals in need of admin support for their business. By outsourcing your admin to us, you can concentrate on freeing up your time to increase productivity therefore increasing your profits or achieving a better work / life balance.

At Kent Secretarial we learn fast and tailor our services to your precise needs as we are always looking for ways to make life easier for you.  We can help your business grow from strength to strength. What’s more, we are a cost-effective support service as you only pay for the time you use.

Kent Secretarial is the perfect Virtual Assistant if you need help, but may not have the physical space and is there when you require her services and nowhere to be see when you don’t! 

Even though Kent Secretarial is based in Kent, by being virtual we are able to work with any individual / company throughout the UK and even the World!

Kent Secretarial will virtually ​be right ​by your side.